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About Newfoundland Personnel

Newfoundland Personnel Inc. (est. 1983) understands the immense value the right office professional brings to an organization. With the labour shortages affects every sector across Canada, the need for qualified, professional staff has never been greater.

Newfoundland Personnel provides a comprehensive approach to staffing. For employers, we provide numerous services: from temporary to long-term hires to employee testing, we can help with your staffing needs. For more information, visit the Employer section.

For jobseekers, we offer free services to Newfoundland Personnel candidates. For details, visit the Employee section.

With our thorough recruitment process, our goal is to connect the right people together to foster a productive and happy work environment. We take pride in connecting the ideal employer with the ideal employee and vice versa.

Recently, Newfoundland Personnel merged with Levert Group, in order to broaden our network of clients and jobseekers. It is important for us to continue to be a thriving force of job creation in the Newfoundland and Labrador business community. This fusion enables both employers and employees with an advanced network of career opportunities. This partnership will help the Newfoundland and Labrador community.

If you’d looking for jobs or personnel related to mining, oil and gas, industrial and trades, feel free to explore the Levert Personnel Resources Inc. website, as they are the industrial personnel arm to our group of companies.